Bourgeois clients between the 19th and the 20th century

Palazzo Mansi, mappa piano secondo
La committenza borghese tra 800 e 900


There is a rich selection of paintings, plaster casts, bronzes and terracotta made between the late nineteenth and mid twentieth centuries by Lucchese authors, which makes clear the evolution of art and taste in Lucca in those years. The supporting structure of the exhibition consists of three groups of works by Augusto Passaglia, Urbano Lucchesi and Alfredo Angeloni. The sculptures alternate with Tuscan paintings juxtaposed according to an order that takes into account cultural relevance. Among the works on display are: Mari waiting for Ardinghi, the Portrait of an old woman by Ricci, the Interior of the studio in Lucca by Lunardi and the Macchietta viareggina by Viani.