Weaving workshop "Maria Niemack"

This is where the Summer apartments of the family members, the kitchens and the storerooms were originally located. Leaving the ticket office and the wardrobe on the left, visitors cross the entrance hall where an early-19 th century  coach is displayed, and enter the so-called “Footmen’s room”, decorated with the armorial bearings of the families related to the Mansi and with some portraits of ancestors. 

This room leads to the  Summer apartment, now used for temporary  exhibitions, book presentations, conferences and chamber music concerts. The vaults were frescoed by Florentine artist Giovanni Maria Ciocchi (1691), while on the walls are exquisite paintings by Stradano, Vincenzo Frediani, Antonio  Franchi. In the premises that originally housed the kitchens of the palace, some still-working 19 th and 20 -century looms are now displayed; these were donated to the Museum by Maria Niemack (Milan 1892-Lucca 1975), testifying to the high quality level reached by Luccan rustic weaving.